Amanda Honer
Wellbeing Consultant
Registered Homeopath & Nutritional Therapist
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Nutritional Therapy
I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a registered member of FNTP(Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners). I am a holistic nutritional therapist and therefore a trained professional in nutrition. Basically, this means I am able to provide information for clients with a sound nutrition programme specific to their individual needs

I am uniquely trained to understand how nutrients, other foods and lifestyle choices can have an effect on the body by considering biochemical individuality for each patient. So, if your health concerns are affected by your diet, together we can explore different foods that are going to be beneficial to your specific, individual needs. This may involve a detailed look at your food choices, but without judgement or being told what you can or can’t eat again. I will simply offer up additional information about alternatives you might want to consider and how certain foods may be exacerbating your current symptoms.

This could also involve a suggestion of specific supplements for a short time if necessary.

The food choices for our children can have a huge impact on their health throughout adolescence, and adulthood. Consuming nutritious foods can help children grow and develop emotionally and physically. So if you simply feel concerned about the nutritional content of your child’s diet, I can offer alternatives in order to support you and your family.
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If you have any questions I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact me on:
Direct line : 07740 784911

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