Amanda Honer
Wellbeing Consultant
Registered Homeopath & Nutritional Therapist
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About homeopathy
Homeopathy is a simple, yet profound medicinal art. It is a medicine grounded in two centuries of experience and proven to be effective to millions of people around the world today.

It is a rational, natural and effective way of stimulating the body to heal itself for all stages of life from birth, childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, middle age to the more senior years. It recognises that all symptoms, physical, mental or emotional are expressions of imbalance within that person. This medicine offers high quality health care for all the family that works thoroughly, safely and effectively on all ages, beliefs and backgrounds, even sceptics !!! I am clear, however, that whilst homeopathy is a wonderful system of medicine, it cannot help everyone, all the time. No system of medicine can reasonably claim to do so and I am happy to own its limitations and where appropriate and necessary, I would, and have, referred patients to an alternative practitioner or indeed their GP.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and has been used with outstanding success, all over the world ever since.

Homeopathic medicine triggers the body’s natural immune system to return to health. It is based on a principle of ‘like cures like'. Put simply, this relates to the symptoms of the individual being very similar to the remedy chosen by your homeopath. Natural substances that can cause symptoms in a healthy person, can be used to heal similar symptoms in a person who is ill. This means that homeopathy is a highly individual form of medicine as most people experience slightly different symptoms with the same ‘named’ disease.

For example, imagine two children suffering from a common cold. Their symptoms may differ, whilst both having the same named condition. The first may be experiencing a runny sore nose, headache , no thirst and a desire to be in bed with his/her parent at his bedside. The second child may have a blocked up nose, an increased thirst and a desire to be outside in the fresh air. Both children have a ‘common cold’ but their homeopathic prescriptions would be different because they are experiencing their symptoms differently. Homeopathic medicine treats the whole person, not simply the disease.

The relatively new science of psychoneuroimunology reveals beyond any doubt that non material aspects such as mind and emotions are directly linked to, and form an information link with, material aspects such as molecules and organs.

This means you can receive all of the benefits of this medicine without any side effects or poisoning (there is a complete absence of toxicity with homeopathy).

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to heal itself, physically and emotionally in a gentle highly effective manner. As a general rule, the more long standing the problem, the more long term the treatment and it is often said that in order to heal on a deep level, the body will often return to an old symptom in order to rebalance. This in homeopathic terms, is called the direction of cure.

For example if a patient suffered from eczema when they were young and now presented with asthma, during their homeopathic treatment they may find their asthma is considerably better while their eczema returns during the healing process for a short while.

Much of what is written about homeopathy in journals, websites and newspapers is negative and disparaging and most of the people who write these articles know very little about homeopathy. Much of what is written, therefore, is not true.

Almost any condition that you would take to your GP could benefit from the homeopathic approach as millions of people around the world will testify today.

I believe the beauty of homeopathic medicine lies in it’s simplicity. It is free from toxins and complicated side effects and therefore a wonderful (and smart) choice for children and babies. Homeopathy is the most sophisticated medical treatment available today and the World Helath Organisation has said it is now the most popular alternative to conventional drugs worldwide.
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